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The Most Cool Math Games - As Voted By You!


This page has links to the coolest math games and other resources on this site! On each game page, anyone who plays the game can rate it - from 1 star (uncool game) to 5 stars (totally cool game). The top rated games and resources are shown below...

If you think the list is wrong, then have your say! Find your favorite game on the site, and give it 5 stars... Or if there's a game you despise, give it 1!

By the way, I haven't included games that have only been rated a few times. Here's a quick list of the games that didn't get enough ratings yet to be counted as "cool" or "uncool". Want to help? Visit the games in the list below, try them out, and give them a rating from 1 star to 5!

Please help! Try out these games and rate them :

Flashcard Stepping Stones | Math Card Game | Fraction Simplifying Puzzle | Kindergarten Counting Worksheets | Cuisenaire Rods | Easter Date Worksheets | Equivalent Fractions Worksheets | Love Heart Math Puzzle | Multiplying Fractions Worksheets | Adding Fractions Worksheets | Simplifying Fractions Worksheets | Subtracting Fractions Worksheets

And now for the list of all the top-rated games :

These Common Denominator Worksheets provide plenty of opportunity to practice putting fractions over a common denominator. Each worksheet prints out onto one page, and there are 50 worksheets total. Rated 4.4 stars (out of 26 ratings)
A Magic Hexagon Worksheet is just like a magic square worksheet - students need the same set of skills to solve each one - the difference is that most students will never have seen a magic hexagon before. This website has a Magic Hexagon Worksheet Generator that lets you generate randomized magic hexagon worksheets with the answer key. The worksheet will be different each time you come back to this site, so you know there's no way for students to drop by themselves and cheat by downloading their own answer key. Rated 4.4 stars (out of 29 ratings)
Sugar Sugar is a cool geometry game. Sugar pours out from a place near the top of the screen, and your goal is to make the sugar fall into the correct cups. You do this by drawing on the screen with the mouse, and watching as sprinkles of sugar trickle down the lines you draw. Challenging and fun! Rated 4.2 stars (out of 621 ratings)
Design and make your own Paper Polyhedra right in your web browser with this java applet. You can design beautiful symmetric shapes with an interactiove 3D view, then print out a plan to help you make a model of the shape out of cardboard or paper. Finally, you can share your net with your friends by email, facebook, or whatever, so they, too, can enjoy your masterpiece. Rated 4.2 stars (out of 13 ratings)
There is a famous story about the inventor of chess, who was offered a reward by the emperor of India. He chose a reward that seemed to the emperor very cheap - just a few sacks of rice - but in reality came to more rice than India could produce in a million years. This site has worksheets to help kids work through a Modern Rice-And-Chessboard Story and see for themselves how rich the reward was. Rated 4 stars (out of 50 ratings)
Kindy Bingo has some printable 3x3 bingo cards, suitable for kids who know the numbers 1 through 10. Each set of three numbers appears at most once in the set of cards. If you don't want to have a winner after only three numbers are called out, the web page explains which three numbers can be your first three. Rated 4 stars (out of 24 ratings)
Do you have a group of kindy kids struggling to remember addition sums up to 10? Try this math board game on them. You'll need to do some printing and cutting first, and find a die (dice) and some playing pieces. Rated 4 stars (out of 49 ratings)
Times Tables Memory is a memory game that will help transfer times table facts from short-term to long-term memory. It can be played solo, or with a friend. Rated 3.8 stars (out of 20 ratings)
Looking for a Times Table Board Game? Print out the playing board and the question cards, and start rolling the dice! Good for small or medium groups of kids, from grades 2 to 4. Rated 3.8 stars (out of 135 ratings)
These Sight Number exercises, inspired by "Salisbury Sight Words", are designed to help your kids memorise their addition, subtraction and multiplication tables in the optimal way. Rated 3.8 stars (out of 30 ratings)

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