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This page shows just the newest games - but remember that This site has over 100 free games and other resources. Make sure you spend enough time on the site to find the perfect game for your situation! There are games for classroom use, for the home, there are games for parents and teachers to play with their kids, and games for kids to play by themselves. There are games that guide you strictly along a path to knowledge, and games that let your mathematical creativity flow. So take the time to look around!
The Daily Hex Flood Puzzle gives you a new strategy puzzle every day for you to warm up those brain cells. Transform the grid of hexagons so that the whole grid is a single color. Challenge yourself to beat your best score (he game keeps track of all your stats), and challenge your friends to see how well they do! You can read more here, or here's a direct link to the game!
Dr Mike's Times Tables Game is professionally printed version of the times tables board game elsewhere on this site. Instead of spending heaps of time cutting and pasting, you can just order this game online, and in no time have your kids moving their playing pieces around the double-printed board, quizzing each other on times tables with the colorful question cards. You actually get 3 games in 1, because the instruction manual explains two other games you can play with the same boxed set!
Dice of Destiny is two games in one! There's a simple game (Dice War) for kindy or pre-K kids to learn counting, and the much more complicated battle game that it morphed into when I was play-testing Dice War with my (pre-teen, not pre-K) son. All you need is some dice and (for the complex game for older kids) a pack of ordinary playing cards. Read the rules of Dice of Destiny here, and have a quick game now!
Hex Flood is a simple game you can play right in your web browser! The goal is to fill the entire grid with a single color. There are 1893 different puzzles for you to try, with fifteen different grid shapes. The web page will (using cookies) keep track of your best score for each and every puzzle, so you can challenge yourself to improve. What are you waiting for? Click or tap through to Hex Flood now, and test your puzzle cracking skills!
In the Find The Cat Puzzle, a cat is hidden behind one of seven doors. You can open one door at a time, in order to try to find the cat. Unfortunately, every time you open a door, the cat moves - one step to the left or right. In what order should you open the doors, to guarantee you'll eventually catch the cat? My Find The Cat Puzzle Page hosts an interactive version of this puzzle you can play online, showing, at every step, your chances of having caught the cat so far.
Want to play Battleships with more than one player? You can! On this page, I've suggested how you can change the normal rules for the classic game Battleships, so a whole bunch of people can join in the fun. My Multiplayer Battleships page includes printable game grids so you can keep track of all your opponents, and a couple of suggestions for the rules, depending on what style of game your group likes.
You've met a group of people. Some always lie, some always tell the truth. Can you figure out who does what from the statements they make? This pages can provide you with an unlimited number of logic puzzles for your use and entertainment. Start with some easy ones, and when you've become more confident, ramp up the difficulty level. For each puzzle, the computer is able to check your answers. So, grab some logic puzzles now and start exercising your logical mind!
Do you like Logic Puzzles? On this page, you can get a never-ending feast of brain-busting logic puzzles to train your logical thinking skills. In each puzzle, the police have rounded up some suspects in a crime. The evidence has given you some clues of the form If A is guilty, then B is innocent and so forth. There's only one conclusion - but what is it? Who goes free, and who will be detained? Only your logical brain can solve the mystery! Hop over to the Simple Logic Puzzle Generator and start cracking cases! Or cut and paste the puzzles to share them, with your friends!
This is a printable puzzle based on Latin Squares. The goal is to arrange the colored shapes on the grid, following certain rules. For example, each row should have one of each shape, and one of each color. Likewise, each column. Click through to the puzzle page to get a full list of the rules, links to downloadable, printable puzzle boards, and ideas for how to play this game with an ordinary pack of playing cards!
The 249 Sided Polygon Puzzle is not a single puzzle, but a whole bunch of pen-and-paper challenges packed into a single download. It was created by Mac Oglesby, a retired math teacher, who kindly sent it to me to make available to you. Grab a pen, and Download and print the puzzle sheet and see how many of the challenges you can crack.

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