Math Board Games

A collection of board games available on this site.


So far, there are Three Math Board Games available on this site - no matter what grade level your kids are at, there'll be a math board game here suitable for them to play.

  • For young kids, there's the Addition Board Game This is a simple Start-At-The-Start-And-Try-To-Reach-The-End-First board game, but many of the squares force the player to answer math questions. There are also special cards that can turn the game around in an instant - a player getting one of these special cards might have to move forward or backwards, swap places with other players, skip a turn or get an extra one, or all sorts of other crazy things.
  • The Times Table Board Game is played on the same board as the Addition Board Game. However, it has a different set of question cards, testing multiplication facts instead of addition facts. Also, Ole Frehr has made an online Danish version for teaching linear equations!
For each of these, I provide a free downloadable board for you to print out, and stick together. If you prefer a professionally printed (and more colorful) version, see below. If you choose to get a professionally printed game board, you'll still need to download the question cards and specials from this site, or make up your own. If you want the cards professionally printed, I'm sorry, I haven't found a convenient way to make that possible yet.

With these two games, you can of course make up your own question cards. Hey, it doesn't even have to be a math board game - you could make up sets of cards to quiz people on animals, spelling, celebrity hobbies,or anything else you can imagine!

The third math board game on this site, in fact the first I made, is quite a different one. It's suitable for older kids. The rules? Well, check them out here!

By the way, you can get much more beautiful versions of at least the boards for these board games from Click on one of the pictures below :

Click one of these game board images to get a professionally printed game board
Game Board print   Game Board print   Game Board print

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