Hex Flood!

Fill the whole board with a single color!


The goal of this game is to change the whole grid of hexagons so that it's a single color. Scroll down or tap here if you just want to play, or read on!

The game has hundreds of puzzles with different board shapes. Select them using these buttons:

To change the colors of some of the hexagons, you tap the color control hexagons at the top of the game:

Each time you tap a color control hexagon, color of the hexagon with a star will change from its old to the new color. Then any neighboring hexagons with the same old color will change, and then any neighbors of those neighbors, and so on. The new color will flood as much as it can of the grid, starting from the hexagon with a star.

The goal is to flood the whole grid with a single color, using as few color changes as possible:

You can see your score for a particular puzzle, and your all-time best score, near the smily face icons. Low scores are good!

You can reset a puzzle, or go back to the puzzle menu with these buttons:

If you can't see the whole game board on your screen at once, try resizing your browser window, or holding your phone or tablet in portrait mode:

And that's about all! Have fun!

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