Sugar Sugar

A highly addictive puzzle game!


When I first found sugar sugar, I got hooked! Sugar sugar is a really great puzzle game. The level starts. There are a few cups arranged around the screen. Then, a few seconds later, sugar starts pouring out from a spout at the top. It slowly drifts down, trickling over the floor, the text on the screen, everywhere. By drawing lines on the screen with the mouse, you can control how the sugar flows, and carefully direct it into the cups. The first few levels are easy enough, but later there are tougher puzzles involving colored sugar, and gravity reversers.

In educational terms, sugar sugar is a great game for boosting your problem-solving skills. You'll need to think hard to solve some of these puzzle, and in the meantime think of a whole bunch of tricks to control the flow of sugar!

Thanks to Bart Bonte, who made this game and gave permission to distribute it, it's now available on Dr Mike's Math Games for Kids. Click here to play - but first, bookmark this page - you'll definately want to tell your friends about it!

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