Topple Drop Game Review

Topple Drop has nice "Eye Candy"
Topple Drop has nice "Eye Candy"

There’s a new game out from the inventor of Arithmemouse, called Topple Drop. Like Arithmemouse, Topple Drop is full of beautiful colorful graphics – and not just for the game elements. The background scenery is also full of eye-catching, cheerful but surreal images – how many games have you seen where the sun has three eyes, and a big pair of headphones? Continue reading Topple Drop Game Review

Flat Bread Fractions

Some time ago, I posted a fractions puzzle involving flat bread. You can read about it here. Here’s the question – if I take a flat piece of bread, and give you half, then you give me back a quarter, then I give you back an eighth, and you give me back 1/16, and so on ad infinitum, how much of the original flat bread do I have?

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The Mouse-Eating Geniuses of Bihar

The Mushar people are amongst the poorest of the world’s poor. If you search the web, you’ll find descriptions of these people that range from encyclopaedic to heartbreaking. Their problem is not just that they are poor. They also live in the poorest state in India. Worst of all, they are considered “untouchables” in the Hindu caste system.

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