Solar Powered Saffron

My solar panels have generated 1500 kWh of energy since they were installed 6 months ago.

Now, Einstein tells us that energy has mass. How heavy is 1500 kWh? We can use E = mc2 to find out.

Here, E is 1500 kWh, the speed of light c is 186000 miles/second. Unfortunately, we can’t just divide 1500 by the square of 186000. Sure, that would give the mass, but not in any unit I’m familiar with – when you tell me how much something weighs, I want to hear it in pounds, or kilograms, or ounces… even centiweight would do, if I have Google handy.
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Relativistic Share Trading

Once upon a time, if you wanted to buy or sell shares in a company, your wishes would be conveyed by word of mouth to a broker on the trading floor of a stock exchange. Then, he’d have to find another broker on the same floor willing to match your offer. This would, of course, take some time.

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Topple Drop Game Review

Topple Drop has nice "Eye Candy"
Topple Drop has nice "Eye Candy"

There’s a new game out from the inventor of Arithmemouse, called Topple Drop. Like Arithmemouse, Topple Drop is full of beautiful colorful graphics – and not just for the game elements. The background scenery is also full of eye-catching, cheerful but surreal images – how many games have you seen where the sun has three eyes, and a big pair of headphones? Continue reading Topple Drop Game Review