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Hi! If you are looking for free printable math games for kids, you've come to the right place! My goal for this site is stock it full of cool math games. Math games for kids to enjoy as they learn.

I've loved math since I was a kid. And one of the best things the grown-ups around me did was let me play with it. My mum used to give me math toys and math games that were right for my age, but also instilled a sense of number, geometry, shape and symmetry. It's one of the best things she could have done to help me understand and love maths.

Children love to play, and they learn through playing. That's why I'm building this site. I'll be uploading more and more games, puzzles and toys to make, that help kids love math. You'll be able to make most of them with just your printer and maybe a few extra items. I'll give tips on how to use them in a classroom setting or at home. Most important, I'll explain why these games help kids love math, why they'll be learning more in hour of play than they possibly could in a whole day of drills.

Your kids - whether you're a parent or teacher - will learn, without even realising they are learning.


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These Common Denominator Worksheets provide plenty of opportunity to practice putting fractions over a common denominator. Each worksheet prints out onto one page, and there are 50 worksheets total. Rated 4.4 stars (out of 26 ratings)
A Magic Hexagon Worksheet is just like a magic square worksheet - students need the same set of skills to solve each one - the difference is that most students will never have seen a magic hexagon before. This website has a Magic Hexagon Worksheet Generator that lets you generate randomized magic hexagon worksheets with the answer key. The worksheet will be different each time you come back to this site, so you know there's no way for students to drop by themselves and cheat by downloading their own answer key. Rated 4.4 stars (out of 29 ratings)

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You've met a group of people. Some always lie, some always tell the truth. Can you figure out who does what from the statements they make? This pages can provide you with an unlimited number of logic puzzles for your use and entertainment. Start with some easy ones, and when you've become more confident, ramp up the difficulty level. For each puzzle, the computer is able to check your answers. So, grab some logic puzzles now and start exercising your logical mind!
Do you like Logic Puzzles? On this page, you can get a never-ending feast of brain-busting logic puzzles to train your logical thinking skills. In each puzzle, the police have rounded up some suspects in a crime. The evidence has given you some clues of the form If A is guilty, then B is innocent and so forth. There's only one conclusion - but what is it? Who goes free, and who will be detained? Only your logical brain can solve the mystery! Hop over to the Simple Logic Puzzle Generator and start cracking cases! Or cut and paste the puzzles to share them, with your friends!

Or check out Printable Latin Squares Puzzle, The 249-Sided Polygon Puzzle, Knight's Tour Puzzle, Q Puzzle For Android, Eight Queens Puzzle, Archimedes' "Bone Fight" puzzle, Tangrams, Roman Attack...

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