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The Most Popular Math Games On This Site


You've come to this site looking for really great math games and resources to help kids with math. So which ones are the best? It's hard to say, of course. Each person is different. At the same time, we've all got something in common. Stuff other people like, we also usually like.

So, if you want to find out the best games on this site, it makes sense to ask what other people like best. This page shows the most popular games on this site. When I say popular, I mean according to how many times people visit the game web page. There's a different page that shows which games people rate the most highly.

Some of the games and other resources on this list get popular because Google thinks it's good. Others are there because lots of people are searching for it. Some weeks a game that's normally missing from the list will pop up because of hits from some social network or social bookmarking site. In each of these cases, you can be sure that the game is a good one.

There are, of course, dozens of other great games and resources that don't make it onto this list. So be sure to spend some time as well exploring the site, starting with the menu in the sidebar.

And now for the list of the most popular games on this site over the past week!

Don't forget to browse around the rest of the site as well....

Yours, Dr Mike

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