Times Tables Games

Help Kids Learn Multiplication With This Collection of Times Tables Games!


Multiplication Times Tables often involve a whole lot of memorization. This can be tedious at times, for both child and teacher. These times tables games make things easier, by helping kids learn times tables the fun way!

Your first stop here should be Dr Mike's Times Tables Game, a product I launched after a successful Kickstarter campaign. It combines three of the games on this site into a beautiful professionally printed package!

There's a whole host of free games described on this site, too! For example, why not try a game of Times Tables SNAP!? This variation of the classic card game will have your kids reviewing their multiplication times tables in an excited mood.

Or, for those who prefer quieter games, Times Tables Memory is a good choice. As your child searches for the card they want, they will transfer multiplication facts from short-term to long-term memory.

For larger groups, there's a Times Table Board Game you can print out and play! Question cards make it a learning experience, and the 'special' cards make it an exciting game!

I've made a couple of Math Mazes based on certain multiplication sums. Give them to your kids when they're learning their 7 and 8 times tables!

Don't forget that Mathteroids! is a good game for times tables learners. In this online action space game, kids must only shoot asteroids marked with multiples of a given number.

Have a group of kids? Fizz Buzz is a good game for a group. It makes a nice icebreaker for adults too!

Arithmemouse is a computer video game for teaching times tables. It has a brighter look when compared with Timez Attack. You might like to read my review or my comparison with Timez Attack.

Don't miss Adrian Bruce's Multiplication Jump, a pavement-and-chalk game from a math teacher in Australia.

Another interactive game good for times tables is Ghost Blasters. Blast away at "unfriendly" ghosts - how do you tell which ghosts are unfriendly? By the number they wear!

Oh, by the way - for plain vanilla flashcard drills, you can get a set of times tables flashcards here, too.