An Asteroid Game That Challenges Your Math!


If you loved the classic asteroid video (arcade) game by Atari, you'll love to introduce your kids to Mathteroids! In this (free!) math asteroid shooter game (scroll down to play!), the player controls a rocket using the arrow keys or the mouse. At various times, asteroids float across the screen, and when hit, they break into smaller fragments.

9103 games played so far!
That's 3 weeks, 1 day, 19 hours, 52 minutes and 8 seconds of Mathteroids
played since 1st March 2008!

Why is this a math game? Because in Mathteroids (should I have called it Matheroids), the asteroids have numbers on them! The player must only shoot asteroids labeled with multiples of a given number. For example, if you are supposed to hit asteroids with multiples of 6, then you could safely shoot at asteroids labeled 6, 12, 18, 24, or so on. But be careful not to hit asteroids with the wrong numbers! If you do, you'll get no points, and swarms of angry blue asteroids will burst out and chase your rocket!

Mathteroids the Math Asteroid game is written in java, so if your PC prompts you to download something called the 'java plugin', just say yes. Then you'll be able to play away! At last! A fun action game that also boosts your math skills!

News Flash! Mathteroids is now available for PC or Mac. Special Discount For You Now

The latest version of Mathteroids includes

  • Mouse controls! Use the mouse to steer, left button to fire, right to move forwards.
  • Power-ups! Collect power-ups to get extra lives, shields, powerful bullets, and more - maybe even put your ship on autopilot for a while!
  • High Scores!
So if you're ready to play, then...

See if you can beat the high score!

  • Mouse Controls : The rocket follows the mouse. Press the left button to fire, the right to move.
  • Keyboard Controls : Arrow keys to move, and spacebar to fire.
  • Only shoot asteroids marked with multiples of the correct number!
  • Collect powerups to get extra lives, bullets, shields - or even go on autopilot for a while! Be careful though - not all powerups are good...
  • To change player, enter their details in the form above the game.
  • Got a high score? then wait a few seconds so it can be saved into the high scores table!
  • High score doesn't appear? Check that you are still connected to the internet. Or if you are using an unusual browser, you could try upgrading your web browser.
  • Can't find the asteroids? They're there. Go hunting for them!
  • All the asteroids have the wrong number? Don't worry, they change numbers when you aren't looking!

If you beat the high score, your score should appear here. Be sure to explore the other Online Math Games or Times Tables Games on this site!

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