New Game: OgleBoro City

[This is a back-issue of one of this site’s newsletters]

There’s a new game on Dr Mike’s Math Games for Kids – OgleBoro City. The game is not my invention, it’s the brainchild of Mac Oglesby. Mac spent decades as a teacher, coming up with creative teaching resources. Then, after he retired, he kept doing the same!

He showed me some samples of his work, and we both agreed it deserves a wider audience. So, here’s OgleBoro City!

What is OgleBoro City? Well, if printable mazes were a computer game, OgleBoro City is what you’d face after you leveled up. Start at home, and try to get to the school. Then, try to get back home again. The catch? The maze is filled with one way blocks, and “No Right Turn” signs.

There are two mazes you can download from the site – a smaller maze, OgleBoro, which acts as a warm-up to the much more complicated OgleBoro City maze.

These would make great exercises for kids who, say, finish classwork early and need something to do. Download the mazes and give them a try!

I’m hoping to bring you more of Mac’s mathematical magic soon. Stay tuned!

Michael Hartley
Dr Mike’s Math Games for Kids