Super Tough Monday Morning Puzzle


[This is a back-issue of one of this site’s newsletters]

If the weekend’s over and you’re dreading the week ahead, here’s a super-duper-tough puzzle to keep you happily entertained:

I roll two 20-sided dice. I add the numbers, and quietly tell Sam the sum. I multiply the numbers, and quietly tell Pat the product. I ask them “What are the numbers?”

Pat says “I don’t know”
Sam says “I don’t know either”
Pat says “Now I know!”
Sam says “So do I!”

What are the numbers?

Think carefully, and if you’re completely baffled…. I really shouldn’t tell you this…. the answer’s on my facebook page now.

Remember Linda? I’ve written out some more probability paradoxes to ponder. I’ve also posted a new method for doing long multiplication, a way to draw your own fractals with no computer, and some ideas to use cooking to help teach your kids algebra.

Hmm… talking about multiplication reminds me of this online game I made some time ago: like hangman, but for multiplication problems. Have a go, but don’t use up your whole Monday!

See you next week!

Michael Hartley
Dr Mike’s Math¬†Games for Kids.