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Your Privacy Is Safe


This page explains the privacy policy for this website. Basically, this site doesn't collect any personal information about you. Your privacy is safe. Certain specific parts of the site may store information that you provide (as explained below), but no part of the site attempts to obtain information without your knowledge.

On the other hand, this site does store average and total information about all visitors to this site. This is done through Google Analytics, and through the game rating system. It does not include any information that could identify you personally. The information is used to help make the site better for everybody.

Certain parts of the site do collect and store more personal information, but only if you provide it.

  • The newsletter stores your email address, but it is only visible to the administrator of the newsletter, namely, me (Michael Hartley, aka "Dr Mike"). I have no intention that this site will change hands, but if it did, newsletter subscribers would be informed, invited to subscribe to a replacement newsletter, and then the old list cleaned out.
  • Certain games, namely MathGolf and Mathteroids, keep track of high scores. Players are invited to enter their name, school and country before playing. If they do well at the game, this information will be displayed on the website. If the information is not entered, it is displayed as Anonymous, from No School, No Country. At my discretion, and if I am able to identify it from the information given, I may insert a link to the winner's school into the high scores table. The IP address of winners is also stored, but not made public.
  • Signed applets on this website
    • if you do not trust them, are unable to collect personal information from your computer, and
    • even if you do trust them, do not collect personal information from your computer.
    Currently, the only signed applet on this site is the Spirograph Applet.
  • If you email me, of course, I receive the information you send! On rare occasions, I have used parts of people's emails on this site, being careful to remove any personally identifying elements. This is more likely to happen if there's no other way to contact you!

Some elements of this website make use of content from other sites. In particular

  • The advertisements are provided through the Google Adsense program. Please note
    • Google uses cookies to help it decide what ads to show you.
    • Google's use of the DART cookie means that the ads you see may depend on the websites you have visited in the past.
    • If you would like to stop Google using the DART cookie on a particular computer, or you want to get more information about google ads and privacy issues, you can do so from here.
  • Overall (not personal) information is collected using Google Analytics.
  • Site search is also provided by Google.
  • Links to are connected to Amazon's Associates program.
If you are concerned about this, you should consult the privacy policies of Google and

Hope that helps!