[DMMGFK #65] Try This Math Puzzle

[This is a back issue of this site’s newsletter]

Happy New Year! (One month late, I know!)

Here’s a nice puzzle to start the year. Take a 3×3 grid of squares. Now, black out the middle square. Now there are two rows of three cells each, at the bottom and the top, and two columns of three cells, at the left and right.

Now, take the numbers 2 to 9, and write them in the cells. Oh, and make sure the total in each row and column comes to 16.

This is a tough puzzle, a bit like a magic square, especially the 3×3 magic square.

From the puzzle page, you can download some printable versions of this puzzle so you can assign it as a class exercise, or pin it up work to challenge your colleagues. On my blog, you’ll find some tips for making this puzzle easier.

Arrange the numbers 2 to 9, so that

each row and column adds up to 16

Have fun!