First Presidential Debate

Here’s a summary of what Obama and Romney said on education during the first Presidential debate. I first posted this information as a sequence of tweets.

It supports what I wrote earlier – educators should vote Democrat this election, because Obama has a vision of education building a core of strength into the USA, but Romney gives education little thought.

Michael Hartley ?@mike40033

  1. #Obama wants to create 100000 #math and #science teaching jobs and 2M college places  #president #debate
  2. class of 42 children using 10yo textbooks sitting on the floor. “not a recipe for growth, not how USA was built” #obama 
  3. #Obama believes “America needs more teachers, creating a better trained workforce and more jobs” 
  4.  #Romney says “I love teachers” but #Obama says “Romney’s proposed tax cuts mean cuts to education” 
  5. #obama “Programs that ensure people have jobs at the end of their education are important and need continued funding”