Newsletter #50 : Timez Attack Division and other news

[This is a back-issue of this site’s newsletter]

Timez Attack I just heard some exciting news from the makers of Timez Attack : they’ve added a division game! Timez Attack is a great game, my son became his grade 3 class times table champion because of it. You can read more about Timez Attack Division here. Even better, they are due to release Addition and Subtraction games by Christmas! Stay tuned on the Math Games for Kids Blog, or follow me on twitter and I’ll make sure you’re the the first to know when these come out.

Normally, this newsletter is to announce new games on Dr Mike’s Math Games for Kids, but Timez Attack is such a great game, I couldn’t resist telling you now. Besides, you can get a $10 discount on Timez attack Division if you act before June 30. See my blog post to find out how.

Here’s a preview of some of the things coming up soon on Dr Mike’s Math Games for Kids.

Polyhedral Nets : I’m working on a program to help you create nets for any polyhedron you want. Well, almost – in the first version, the faces will have to be regular polygons. You’ll be able to design your own nets, print them out, and fold them up to make 3-D shapes. The program will show you what the shape should look like before you print. You’ll also be able to share them with your friends by email or via blogs, facebook, twitter, and so forth. When it’s ready, I’ll announce it in this newsletter, so stay tuned!

iPhone Mathteroids : You already know that I paid a programmer to make an iPhone version of Traffic Jam. Now, I’m paying him to bring Mathteroids to the iPhone – and iPad. On the topic of Traffic Jam for iPhone, if you’d like to write a review of it on your own blog, I have some promotional codes you can use to get “Traffic Jam by Dr Mike” for free. Hit reply, tell me the address of your blog, and ask me for a code. Do it now so you don’t forget!