Math – A Kid’s Perspective

My son wrote an essay on math the other day. I thought I’d reproduce it here. You can think of him, therefore, as my first ‘guest blogger’. I’ve edited it only very slightly.

“Math is everywhere – in foods, shops, cars, airports, everywhere. Math is essential to life but some people hate doing math. Today I am going to give you three or two reasons why you should learn math.

Firstly, math is needed for time. Wouldn’t it be dreadful if all your guests came to your party at totally different times? Secondly, without math you wouldn’t know when things expire. It would taste so disgusting to drink sour milk, wouldn’t it?

Therefore, I conclude that math is very essential to life.”

2 thoughts on “Math – A Kid’s Perspective”

  1. Thanks so much for your website and blog. As a family living abroad, we often find ourselves concentrating to master a second language rather than our math skills. You have helped us over and over to come up with new ideas to keep math interesting and exciting for our 4 young children. We truly appreciate your time, effort, and most of all, your fantastic web pages and blog!
    The Hill Family

  2. Dr. Mike,

    Math is wonderful, isn’t it? I can’t thank you enough for creating this fantastic website. My 9-year-old twins love your site, especially your math games. Not only is your website educational but it is also loads of fun!

    I was educated in Singapore and Canada. Although I am not a mathematician (I majored in psychology) I love math. Therefore, when my wife (an accountant) and I came to know that Singapore math was gaining worldwide popularity, we decided to create an educational website for parents, teachers and kids.

    Singapore math is really tough but the bar diagram approach helps kids visualize the problems. We have thousands of Singapore math questions. A word of warning: we have an unorthodox way of writing our questions – they are zany and hilarious; what kids love actually.

    Here is a page from our website:

    Singapore 1st Grade Math Worksheet

    Thanks again, Dr Mike, for giving the world your website. It is people like you who make the internet a wonderful place.

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