Newsletter #34 : Sudoku and A Blog

[This is a back-issue of this website’s newsletter]

Sudoku became popular around the same time this website went online – but somehow I never put up any sudoku puzzles on the site. I’m not sure exactly why. Perhaps I thought sudoku was just a passing fad, or perhaps there seemed to be so many other good ideas for the site… and I didn’t want to produce “just another” sudoku page.

Anyway, all you sudoku fans out there will be glad to know that, at last, Dr Mike’s Math Games for Kids has some sudoku pages.

  • One of my former math lecturers produced a bunch of printable Sudoku Puzzles For Kids. These are normal-sized sudoku puzzles, but with the empty squares annotated to show the best order for solving them. They should be good as a gentle introduction to the art of Sudoku.
  • Since I was making a Soduku page, I decided to make three! I found an open source java applet that allows you to Play Sudoku Online, and another that acts as a Sudoku Solver

Now, for some other news related to the website.

Have you ever wanted to tell someone about Dr Mike’s Math Games For Kids, and found that is just too long for your scrap of paper? You’ll be pleased to know that, as of about a week ago, “” redirects to the very same website. I’m sure you’ll agree that’s easier to remember!

Also, I’ve started a Dr Mike’s Math Games for Kids Blog. I’ll be including there occasional posts on math education, and short puzzles I think of that can’t quite fill a whole page on the main site.

The blog has a nice “chocolate” look and feel, a bit like a leather-bound notebook. If you think I should transfer this “look” to the main site, visit the blog, and vote in the poll you’ll find in the sidebar…

Well, that’s all for now! Have fun Sudokuing away!