Newsletter #12 : Past and Future Games

[This is a back-issue of this website’s newsletter]
Well, I received many many entries for the Big Numbers Contest – gosh, I don’t think I’ve ever before seen so many ‘9’ digits in a single week! I’m looking forward to going through the entries this weekend, and identifying the winners. I’ll post out the winners’ certificates early next week, and also mention the most impressive answers on the website.

The competition page is still online – at – now it explains how a teacher could organise their own ‘Big Numbers’ contest within a single classroom or school. I’ve provided a downloadable entry form ready for just such an occasion.

Thanks to everyone who took part!

In other news, I received a nice email from the Canadian mint this week, so I’m able (finally) to put Canadian currency into the money-counting memory game. New Zealand currency also went in about two or three weeks ago (just after the last newsletter), so now the game is useful for kids from the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the European Union and Singapore.

You can find the money-counting memory game at

My next project will be an Advent Calendar – if I can find some good free Christmas clip-art, or get my usually lousy drawing skills good enough by mid-to-late November. An Advent Calendar strikes me as a fun way to get kids familiar with counting or calendars, at least in families that celebrate Christmas.

Stay tuned!

Yours, Mike H…