Americans, Math Says “Your Next President Is….”

[This is a back issue of this site’s newsletter. It was originally sent out in August 2015, but only published online in June 2016]

Remember last week’s email, about elections? If there are two major parties in an election, they both tend to be centrist. That’s because if one shifts left or right, it ends up losing votes to the other. Continue reading Americans, Math Says “Your Next President Is….”

Coffee and Coconuts

I’ve been playing with word puzzles lately – I want to add some more games to another website I have: Dr Mike’s Word Games for Kids. I don’t talk much about it, because it’s only got two games on it so far … that’s clearly not enough!

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Time Travel, Truth and the Color Of My Shirt.

Have you ever played “truth and lies?” It’s an icebreaker game where you make three statements – two are supposed to be true, and one false. It helps people in a group to get to know each other, and see how well they already do.

Well, next time you play, you might like to bend it into a mind-twisting IQ puzzle.

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Movie Ticket Puzzle Solution

[This is a back-issue of one of this site’s newsletters]

It’s Monday Morning Math Time!

If you’re hungry, have a look at this yummy breakfast math video. You’ll see there’s more than one way to cut a bagel, and maybe learn a bit of topology too.

I promised to give you a solution to the movie ticket problem.
If you missed it, have a read here and see if you can solve it before you read on here!

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Movie Tickets and Time Machines

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