Fractions Quizzes

Practice your fractions with these online fractions quizzes.


This site has a collection of online fraction quiz games. If you are looking for a printable fractions quiz to give to students in a class, I'd suggest you have a look at my collection of free printable fractions worksheets instead.

The fractions quizzes on this site are online versions of Flashcard Stepping Stones on various fractions topics. In each of them, the player chooses a character they want to help. This might be

  • A pegasus (flying horse) who has lost his or her magical crown
  • A rocket ship that wants to reach the stars, or
  • A clownfish that wants to return home to he coral reef.
Then, to reach the goal, the player answers a series of fractions questions. Each question they get right, they move forwards. Each one wrong pulls them back again. Each fractions quiz game has five levels, with harder and harder questions each level.

As I said above, there are different fractions topics to choose for the fractions quiz. You can choose from

By the way, be sure to check out the other Fractions Games on this site!

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