Equivalent Fractions Quiz

Will you reach the stars or the magical crown?


Welcome to the Equivalent Fractions Quiz Game! Someone needs you help!

Peggy and Peter are flying horses (a flying horse is called a Pegasus) whose magical wishing crowns have been stolen! They've been trapped in a desolate mountain by the magician who stole the crowns! Can you help them escape?

Roger and Rosie are rocket ships, who want to explore the universe. But they're stuck on earth, unless you provide fuel for their journey!

Christopher and Christine are clownfish - lost in the beautiful but very cold Arctic seas! Can you help them get back to their tropical coral reef?

How can you help them? First, you choose who you will help. Then, you'll be asked a series of equivalent fractions questions. Each time you get a question right, Your chosen character will advance towards their goal... but watch out! If you get one wrong, the evil magician will push Peggy or Peter back towards the mountain... or Roger's or Rosie's engines will fail and gravity will pull them back.. or the current will pull Christopher or Christine away from their home!

You might like to spend some time, refresh your memory about equivalent fractions first. Then, Choose who you will help!

Will you help Peggy or Peter the Pegasus escape from Doom Mountain and retrieve their magical wishing crown?

Or will you help Roger or Rosie the Rocket blast off from Earth to explore the galaxy?

Or will you help Christine or Christopher the Clownfish escape from the frozen Arctic ice?