Easter Date Tables

The date of easter in the years 1601 to 1700


This page shows the date of easter in the years 1601 to 1700. You can also get the dates for the previous 100 years and the next 100 years.You can also get a printable easter date worksheet for kids to work out the date of easter in any year at all.

Please note that the Easter dates given here are for the Gregorian calendar, which was introduced in 1582. Some countries did not begin to use the Gregorian Calendar until as late as 1926. People in those countries may not have celebrated Easter on the dates given here!

Dates of Easter Sunday, By Year

April 22nd, 1601April 7th, 1602March 30th, 1603April 18th, 1604April 10th, 1605
March 26th, 1606April 15th, 1607April 6th, 1608April 19th, 1609April 11th, 1610
April 3rd, 1611April 22nd, 1612April 7th, 1613March 30th, 1614April 19th, 1615
April 3rd, 1616March 26th, 1617April 15th, 1618March 31st, 1619April 19th, 1620
April 11th, 1621March 27th, 1622April 16th, 1623April 7th, 1624March 30th, 1625
April 12th, 1626April 4th, 1627April 23rd, 1628April 15th, 1629March 31st, 1630
April 20th, 1631April 11th, 1632March 27th, 1633April 16th, 1634April 8th, 1635
March 23rd, 1636April 12th, 1637April 4th, 1638April 24th, 1639April 8th, 1640
March 31st, 1641April 20th, 1642April 5th, 1643March 27th, 1644April 16th, 1645
April 1st, 1646April 21st, 1647April 12th, 1648April 4th, 1649April 17th, 1650
April 9th, 1651March 31st, 1652April 13th, 1653April 5th, 1654March 28th, 1655
April 16th, 1656April 1st, 1657April 21st, 1658April 13th, 1659March 28th, 1660
April 17th, 1661April 9th, 1662March 25th, 1663April 13th, 1664April 5th, 1665
April 25th, 1666April 10th, 1667April 1st, 1668April 21st, 1669April 6th, 1670
March 29th, 1671April 17th, 1672April 2nd, 1673March 25th, 1674April 14th, 1675
April 5th, 1676April 18th, 1677April 10th, 1678April 2nd, 1679April 21st, 1680
April 6th, 1681March 29th, 1682April 18th, 1683April 2nd, 1684April 22nd, 1685
April 14th, 1686March 30th, 1687April 18th, 1688April 10th, 1689March 26th, 1690
April 15th, 1691April 6th, 1692March 22nd, 1693April 11th, 1694April 3rd, 1695
April 22nd, 1696April 7th, 1697March 30th, 1698April 19th, 1699April 11th, 1700

Years, By Easter Sunday's Date

March 22nd1693
March 23rd1636
March 24th
March 25th1663, 1674
March 26th1606, 1617, 1690
March 27th1622, 1633, 1644
March 28th1655, 1660
March 29th1671, 1682
March 30th1603, 1614, 1625, 1687, 1698
March 31st1619, 1630, 1641, 1652
April 1st1646, 1657, 1668
April 2nd1673, 1679, 1684
April 3rd1611, 1616, 1695
April 4th1627, 1638, 1649
April 5th1643, 1654, 1665, 1676
April 6th1608, 1670, 1681, 1692
April 7th1602, 1613, 1624, 1697
April 8th1635, 1640
April 9th1651, 1662
April 10th1605, 1667, 1678, 1689
April 11th1610, 1621, 1632, 1694, 1700
April 12th1626, 1637, 1648
April 13th1653, 1659, 1664
April 14th1675, 1686
April 15th1607, 1618, 1629, 1691
April 16th1623, 1634, 1645, 1656
April 17th1650, 1661, 1672
April 18th1604, 1677, 1683, 1688
April 19th1609, 1615, 1620, 1699
April 20th1631, 1642
April 21st1647, 1658, 1669, 1680
April 22nd1601, 1612, 1685, 1696
April 23rd1628
April 24th1639
April 25th1666

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