Easter Date Tables

The date of easter in the years 1501 to 1600


This page shows the date of easter in the years 1501 to 1600. You can also get the dates for the previous 100 years and the next 100 years.You can also get a printable easter date worksheet for kids to work out the date of easter in any year at all.

Please note that the Easter dates given here are for the Gregorian calendar, which was not used before 1582! People living before 1583 would not have celebrated Easter on the dates given below...

Dates of Easter Sunday, By Year

April 14th, 1501April 6th, 1502March 22nd, 1503April 10th, 1504April 2nd, 1505
April 22nd, 1506April 7th, 1507March 29th, 1508April 18th, 1509April 10th, 1510
March 26th, 1511April 14th, 1512April 6th, 1513April 19th, 1514April 11th, 1515
April 2nd, 1516April 22nd, 1517April 7th, 1518March 30th, 1519April 18th, 1520
April 3rd, 1521March 26th, 1522April 15th, 1523March 30th, 1524April 19th, 1525
April 11th, 1526March 27th, 1527April 15th, 1528April 7th, 1529March 30th, 1530
April 12th, 1531April 3rd, 1532April 23rd, 1533April 15th, 1534March 31st, 1535
April 19th, 1536April 11th, 1537March 27th, 1538April 16th, 1539April 7th, 1540
March 23rd, 1541April 12th, 1542April 4th, 1543April 23rd, 1544April 8th, 1545
March 31st, 1546April 20th, 1547April 4th, 1548March 27th, 1549April 16th, 1550
April 1st, 1551April 20th, 1552April 12th, 1553April 4th, 1554April 17th, 1555
April 8th, 1556March 31st, 1557April 13th, 1558April 5th, 1559March 27th, 1560
April 16th, 1561April 1st, 1562April 21st, 1563April 12th, 1564March 28th, 1565
April 17th, 1566April 9th, 1567March 24th, 1568April 13th, 1569April 5th, 1570
April 25th, 1571April 9th, 1572April 1st, 1573April 21st, 1574April 6th, 1575
March 28th, 1576April 17th, 1577April 2nd, 1578March 25th, 1579April 13th, 1580
April 5th, 1581April 18th, 1582April 10th, 1583April 1st, 1584April 21st, 1585
April 6th, 1586March 29th, 1587April 17th, 1588April 2nd, 1589April 22nd, 1590
April 14th, 1591March 29th, 1592April 18th, 1593April 10th, 1594March 26th, 1595
April 14th, 1596April 6th, 1597March 22nd, 1598April 11th, 1599April 2nd, 1600

Years, By Easter Sunday's Date

March 22nd1503, 1598
March 23rd1541
March 24th1568
March 25th1579
March 26th1511, 1522, 1595
March 27th1527, 1538, 1549, 1560
March 28th1565, 1576
March 29th1508, 1587, 1592
March 30th1519, 1524, 1530
March 31st1535, 1546, 1557
April 1st1551, 1562, 1573, 1584
April 2nd1505, 1516, 1578, 1589, 1600
April 3rd1521, 1532
April 4th1543, 1548, 1554
April 5th1559, 1570, 1581
April 6th1502, 1513, 1575, 1586, 1597
April 7th1507, 1518, 1529, 1540
April 8th1545, 1556
April 9th1567, 1572
April 10th1504, 1510, 1583, 1594
April 11th1515, 1526, 1537, 1599
April 12th1531, 1542, 1553, 1564
April 13th1558, 1569, 1580
April 14th1501, 1512, 1591, 1596
April 15th1523, 1528, 1534
April 16th1539, 1550, 1561
April 17th1555, 1566, 1577, 1588
April 18th1509, 1520, 1582, 1593
April 19th1514, 1525, 1536
April 20th1547, 1552
April 21st1563, 1574, 1585
April 22nd1506, 1517, 1590
April 23rd1533, 1544
April 24th
April 25th1571

Would you like to see the dates of easter for the previous 100 years or the next 100 years?

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