Easter Date Tables

The date of easter in the years 1301 to 1400


This page shows the date of easter in the years 1301 to 1400. You can also get the dates for the previous 100 years and the next 100 years.You can also get a printable easter date worksheet for kids to work out the date of easter in any year at all.

Please note that the Easter dates given here are for the Gregorian calendar, which was not used before 1582! People living before 1583 would not have celebrated Easter on the dates given below...

Dates of Easter Sunday, By Year

April 3rd, 1301March 26th, 1302April 15th, 1303April 6th, 1304April 19th, 1305
April 11th, 1306April 3rd, 1307April 22nd, 1308April 7th, 1309March 30th, 1310
April 12th, 1311April 3rd, 1312April 23rd, 1313April 15th, 1314March 31st, 1315
April 19th, 1316April 11th, 1317March 27th, 1318April 16th, 1319April 7th, 1320
March 23rd, 1321April 12th, 1322April 4th, 1323April 23rd, 1324April 8th, 1325
March 31st, 1326April 20th, 1327April 11th, 1328March 27th, 1329April 16th, 1330
April 1st, 1331April 20th, 1332April 12th, 1333April 4th, 1334April 17th, 1335
April 8th, 1336March 31st, 1337April 20th, 1338April 5th, 1339March 27th, 1340
April 16th, 1341April 1st, 1342April 21st, 1343April 12th, 1344March 28th, 1345
April 17th, 1346April 9th, 1347March 31st, 1348April 13th, 1349April 5th, 1350
April 25th, 1351April 9th, 1352April 1st, 1353April 21st, 1354April 6th, 1355
March 28th, 1356April 17th, 1357April 9th, 1358March 25th, 1359April 13th, 1360
April 5th, 1361April 18th, 1362April 10th, 1363April 1st, 1364April 21st, 1365
April 6th, 1366March 29th, 1367April 17th, 1368April 2nd, 1369April 22nd, 1370
April 14th, 1371March 29th, 1372April 18th, 1373April 10th, 1374March 26th, 1375
April 14th, 1376April 6th, 1377March 29th, 1378April 11th, 1379April 2nd, 1380
April 22nd, 1381April 14th, 1382March 30th, 1383April 18th, 1384April 10th, 1385
March 26th, 1386April 15th, 1387April 6th, 1388April 19th, 1389April 11th, 1390
April 3rd, 1391April 22nd, 1392April 7th, 1393March 30th, 1394April 19th, 1395
April 3rd, 1396March 26th, 1397April 15th, 1398March 31st, 1399April 20th, 1400

Years, By Easter Sunday's Date

March 22nd
March 23rd1321
March 24th
March 25th1359
March 26th1302, 1375, 1386, 1397
March 27th1318, 1329, 1340
March 28th1345, 1356
March 29th1367, 1372, 1378
March 30th1310, 1383, 1394
March 31st1315, 1326, 1337, 1348, 1399
April 1st1331, 1342, 1353, 1364
April 2nd1369, 1380
April 3rd1301, 1307, 1312, 1391, 1396
April 4th1323, 1334
April 5th1339, 1350, 1361
April 6th1304, 1355, 1366, 1377, 1388
April 7th1309, 1320, 1393
April 8th1325, 1336
April 9th1347, 1352, 1358
April 10th1363, 1374, 1385
April 11th1306, 1317, 1328, 1379, 1390
April 12th1311, 1322, 1333, 1344
April 13th1349, 1360
April 14th1371, 1376, 1382
April 15th1303, 1314, 1387, 1398
April 16th1319, 1330, 1341
April 17th1335, 1346, 1357, 1368
April 18th1362, 1373, 1384
April 19th1305, 1316, 1389, 1395
April 20th1327, 1332, 1338, 1400
April 21st1343, 1354, 1365
April 22nd1308, 1370, 1381, 1392
April 23rd1313, 1324
April 24th
April 25th1351

Would you like to see the dates of easter for the previous 100 years or the next 100 years?

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