Easter Date Tables

The date of easter in the years 1201 to 1300


This page shows the date of easter in the years 1201 to 1300. You can also get the dates for the previous 100 years and the next 100 years.You can also get a printable easter date worksheet for kids to work out the date of easter in any year at all.

Please note that the Easter dates given here are for the Gregorian calendar, which was not used before 1582! People living before 1583 would not have celebrated Easter on the dates given below...

Dates of Easter Sunday, By Year

April 1st, 1201April 21st, 1202April 6th, 1203March 28th, 1204April 17th, 1205
April 2nd, 1206March 25th, 1207April 13th, 1208April 5th, 1209April 18th, 1210
April 10th, 1211April 1st, 1212April 21st, 1213April 6th, 1214March 29th, 1215
April 17th, 1216April 2nd, 1217April 22nd, 1218April 14th, 1219March 29th, 1220
April 18th, 1221April 10th, 1222March 26th, 1223April 14th, 1224April 6th, 1225
March 22nd, 1226April 11th, 1227April 2nd, 1228April 22nd, 1229April 7th, 1230
March 30th, 1231April 18th, 1232April 10th, 1233March 26th, 1234April 15th, 1235
April 6th, 1236April 19th, 1237April 11th, 1238April 3rd, 1239April 22nd, 1240
April 7th, 1241March 30th, 1242April 19th, 1243April 3rd, 1244March 26th, 1245
April 15th, 1246March 31st, 1247April 19th, 1248April 11th, 1249March 27th, 1250
April 16th, 1251April 7th, 1252March 30th, 1253April 12th, 1254April 4th, 1255
April 23rd, 1256April 8th, 1257March 31st, 1258April 20th, 1259April 11th, 1260
March 27th, 1261April 16th, 1262April 8th, 1263March 23rd, 1264April 12th, 1265
April 4th, 1266April 24th, 1267April 8th, 1268March 31st, 1269April 20th, 1270
April 5th, 1271March 27th, 1272April 16th, 1273April 1st, 1274April 21st, 1275
April 12th, 1276March 28th, 1277April 17th, 1278April 9th, 1279March 31st, 1280
April 13th, 1281April 5th, 1282March 28th, 1283April 16th, 1284April 1st, 1285
April 21st, 1286April 13th, 1287March 28th, 1288April 17th, 1289April 9th, 1290
March 25th, 1291April 13th, 1292April 5th, 1293April 25th, 1294April 10th, 1295
April 1st, 1296April 21st, 1297April 6th, 1298March 29th, 1299April 18th, 1300

Years, By Easter Sunday's Date

March 22nd1226
March 23rd1264
March 24th
March 25th1207, 1291
March 26th1223, 1234, 1245
March 27th1250, 1261, 1272
March 28th1204, 1277, 1283, 1288
March 29th1215, 1220, 1299
March 30th1231, 1242, 1253
March 31st1247, 1258, 1269, 1280
April 1st1201, 1212, 1274, 1285, 1296
April 2nd1206, 1217, 1228
April 3rd1239, 1244
April 4th1255, 1266
April 5th1209, 1271, 1282, 1293
April 6th1203, 1214, 1225, 1236, 1298
April 7th1230, 1241, 1252
April 8th1257, 1263, 1268
April 9th1279, 1290
April 10th1211, 1222, 1233, 1295
April 11th1227, 1238, 1249, 1260
April 12th1254, 1265, 1276
April 13th1208, 1281, 1287, 1292
April 14th1219, 1224
April 15th1235, 1246
April 16th1251, 1262, 1273, 1284
April 17th1205, 1216, 1278, 1289
April 18th1210, 1221, 1232, 1300
April 19th1237, 1243, 1248
April 20th1259, 1270
April 21st1202, 1213, 1275, 1286, 1297
April 22nd1218, 1229, 1240
April 23rd1256
April 24th1267
April 25th1294

Would you like to see the dates of easter for the previous 100 years or the next 100 years?

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