Monday Morning Movies

[This is a back-issue from this site’s newsletters]


Next week I’ll have a nice math video to show you. In the meantime, here’s the plot synopses of a number of popular films. Can you guess which movie each one is?

* A professor travels the world stealing artifacts from third world countries because they “belong in a museum”
* A man and his friends find an ancient piece of jewellery. They realise it’s an old family heirloom, and decide to destroy it just to keep it out of the hands of the owner. On their way they get drunk, smoke, and abuse a mentally handicapped old man.
* A girl kills a woman and steals her shoes. Later she kills the woman’s sister when she tries to get them back.
* An old man recruits a naive farm boy, teaches him magical powers and brings him to a terrorist organization bent on overthrowing the government. The young boy goes on to destroy a crucial piece of infrastructure that took over 20 years to build.
* Homeless, freeloading gambler seduces a young society beauty whose family fortune was lost, destroys the girl’s last chance to marry well, and then dies on her anyway when the ship sinks.
* A selfish lion cub abandons his family for a life of ease in their moment of deepest need only to upend their lives years later by destroying the peace that had finally been attained between lions and hyenas.
* A convicted criminal kidnaps a young child, flees with him to South America, where they cause the death of a famous explorer.
* Protagonist conspires with a mentally handicapped woman to steal a little girl’s birthday present.

(Source: reddit)

Have fun!