Monday Morning Math Gifts

[This is a back issue of one of this site’s newsletters]

Have you done all your Christmas shopping?

Interesting historical fact: during the Christmas season in 1999, online shopping was so popular that many e-tailers couldn’t fulfill all their orders. Thousands of shoppers were furious when the gifts they’d ordered were delayed until January or later. The curse of being too popular!

The online retailers made sure they knew how to do it properly after that, and online shopping is even more popular now – can you believe, over $200 billion per year in the US alone? That’s approaching $2000 per household. Wow. At the rate it’s growing, online shopping will account for 200% of all shopping by the year 2050. What? Did I say something silly?

Anyway,¬† if you’re planning on doing your Christmas shopping online, you aren’t alone. If you’d like to get something a bit different, a bit geeky or a bit educational, this email is for you.

Here’s a few kinda-sorta-mathematical gift ideas. See if one your your friends would like one of these!

I’m planning one more Monday¬†Morning Math before the Christmas/New Year, but you know I’m not totally reliable with these newsletters! If you don’t hear from me – or even if you do – have a very happy holiday. And don’t stress out! Good things happen!

Michael Hartley…