[DMMGFK #58] Archimedean tiling graph paper to print

 This is a back issue of this website’s newsletter.

Many centuries ago, one of the greatest thinkers of all time wrote a book about some beautiful symmetric shapes. All we know about what he wrote is from quotations by other writers many centuries later. Today, these beautiful shapes are called the Archimedean polyhedra.

Archimedean Graph Paper
This is the same Archimedes who first wrote about how levers work, who invented amazing machines to destroy enemy ships, and who claimed that all matter was made of the four elements fire, earth, air and water. He’s the same Archimedes who discovered that you could measure the volume of an object of any shape by dipping it in water – remember the famous “Eureka” story?

Now, on Dr Mike’s Math Games for Kids, you can download and print some Archimedean Tiling Graph Paper. Archimedean tilings are beautiful symmetric ways to fill the plane with polygons, inspired by the Archimedean polyhedra. I’ve prepared this Archimedean graph paper in a whole array of different sizes. Pop over, pick your favourite size, and print it out!

To be honest, I’m stuck for ideas on what you can do with these graph papers besides admire them… You could perhaps use them as the basis for an art project – or for a really really really tough jigsaw puzzle! Or, they could be used as part of a lesson on symmetry. If you have a brilliantly inspired idea, let me know and I’ll make sure others hear about it!

If you want to explore Archimedean polyhedra as well, do check out my page on Polyhedral Nets (requires a java plugin)

Oh, by the way… this means Dr Mike’s Math Games for Kids now has a full 100 games and resources to help you help kids learn math! Celebrate with me by exploring the site and finding one you’ve never tried before! Math is fun!