Newsletter #35 : Timez Attack 3, Printable Sudokus and Easter

[This is a back issue of this website’s newsletter]

If you are a sudoku addict, this newsletter has some good news for you – Dr Mike’s Math Games for Kids now has an infinite number of printable sudoku puzzles! Read on for more details… But first, some exciting news from another website – Timez Attack 3.0 is out!

If you aren’t familiar with Timez Attack, it’s a great computer game for teaching times tables. When I first heard of it, I bought it, and wrote a review of it. Now, my older son is the times tables champion in his class! His brother will probably know his times tables before he knows how to add and subtract – as soon as he learns to read numbers up to 144, that is.

If you have already bought Timez Attack, you can download the new version from their website, as long as you can remember your original order number and the email address you used. Otherwise, you can download an evaluation version (that still teaches all the times tables the full version does), or read what I’ve written about it here, here or here.

Now back to Sudoku.

I adapted the online sudoku game that I mentioned in the last newsletter, to make an online sudoku printer. You can use it to print off as many sudoku puzzles as you like, without any need to download big PDF files.

When you visit the web page, you’ll be asked immediately if you want to ‘trust’ content from Dr Mike’s Math Games for Kids. You will need to say ‘yes’ or the sudoku printer will not be allowed to use your printer – which would defeat the purpose really. After you have ‘trusted’ it, you choose how many Sudokus you want to print, how difficult they should be and a few other options, then press Print. Whether you print 1 or 1000 sudokus, they are generated by the program on the web page, and directly sent to your printer. No PDF necessary!

By the way, with Easter approaching, you might like to be reminded that Dr Mike’s Math Games for Kids has a collection of Easter Date Worksheets that allow kids to calculate the date of Easter in any year you choose…