Newsletter #1 : Twelve Times Tables Tips

[This is a back-issue of this website’s newsletter]


And thanks for signing up for the newsletter. This is the very first issue!

I received a very touching email recently – about the daughter of a parent who had visited this site.

She was in tears on a Monday, discouraged because her classmates were all ahead of her in learning her times tables.

By Friday, she had learned them so fast she was begging her parents for times tables quizzes!

Of course, I reviewed my times tables tips pages, and realized that I’d never quite gotten round to typing up tips for all the tables. The most glaring omission is now fixed. So, announcing….

12 times table tips! 

The page shows the simple patterns in the ones and tens columns of the 12 times tables. Also included – an exercise to help kids see how the 12 times table is related to the 6, 4 and 3 times tables. 

So, that’s it for the first DMMGFK (Dr Mike’s Math Games for Kids) newsletter. Coming up in the next month or two…

  • Fish+1 and Fish++
  • An online ‘spirograph’, and an explanation of the math behind a spirographs

See you next time!

Michael Hartley
(Dr Mike’s Math Games for Kids).