Can You Solve This Puzzle?

I saw this puzzle the other day.

You have two fuses. Each fuse is a piece of string, that burns for exactly 1 minute. However, the fuse doesn’t burn evenly, so cutting the fuse in half doesn’t give you two 30 second fuses.

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Math – A Kid’s Perspective

My son wrote an essay on math the other day. I thought I’d reproduce it here. You can think of him, therefore, as my first ‘guest blogger’. I’ve edited it only very slightly.

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Who Is Better At Math?

About two months ago, I asked the question “Are Asians Better At Math?” The answer would appear to be yes (though some disagree). The book I was reading suggested that while young Asian students do perform better at math than students in Western schools (once you account for differences in socio-economic status and yada yada), the reasons were nothing whatsoever to do with ethnicity.

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