Adding (and Subtracting) Fractions Tips

The “standard” way to add (or subtract) fractions is to put them over a common denominator first. So, the fraction problem

3 over 10plus 1 over 15

9 over 30plus 2 over 30

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Estimation and Logic

Someone asked me recently if I had any tips on teaching “estimation with friendly numbers”. I had to admit that I don’t have a magical tip that would instantly help – I’ve struggled to get the same concept through to my own son, after all! However, while framing my reply, it occurred to me why estimation might be difficult for a child who is otherwise good at math.

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Timez Attack 3 Is Out!

I found out some great news the other day… Timez Attack 3 is now available!

In case you haven’t heard of Timez Attack, it’s an absolutely great educational video game. I bought it for my son to play with, and he is now top of his class at times tables. I wrote a review of Timez Attack here, and another review, comparing it to another game here.

[News Flash (17 September 2010) Timez Attack 4 is out!!]

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