Traffic Jam Puzzle Books

Are You Addicted to the Rush Hour Traffic Jam Game?


If you are lucky enough to own a traffic jam puzzle set, you'll eventually want more puzzles to try. If you don't own one, you can print a puzzle set here (or just try my online traffic jam game).

Well, I've provided 600 (yes, six hundred) all-new traffic jam puzzles here on this page, in six traffic jam puzzle books. You can download them using the links below, and print them out. I should warn you, each book is about 3Mb, and contains 50 pages!

Hopefully they'll keep even the most dedicated traffic jammer occupied for many hours!

The red cars
Well, enough talking. Here are the puzzle books!
  • puzzle book 1 contains easy puzzles requiring at most 13 moves to solve.
  • puzzle book 2 contains less easy puzzles needing from 13 to 15 moves.
  • puzzle book 3 contains easy to moderate puzzles needing from 15 to 18 moves.
  • Slightly harder puzzles, needing 18 to 22 moves, can be found in puzzle book 4.
  • If you need more of a challenge, get puzzle book 5. These puzzles need between 22 and 27 moves.
  • Traffic jam experts will love puzzle book 6. The easiest of these needs 28 moves, and the toughest a whopping great 66 moves to solve!

News Flash! These puzzle books are now available with 8 puzzles per page! So each puzzle is shown smaller, but you'll need far less paper to print them off. (The files are smaller too).

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