Telling Time Worksheets

Generate as many clock worksheets as you like


My son needed some practice telling time. Instead of drawing up a whole bunch of clocks laboriously by hand, I decided to make an clock worksheet generator, and put it online for anyone to use - right here!

This web page lets you generate as many time reading worksheets as you like. These worksheet are useful for practising the following skills:

  • Reading an analog clock, and writing down the time, in digital or analog format.
  • Reading a time written in analog format, and converting it to digital format or drawing the clock.
  • reading a time written in digital format, and writing it in analog format or drawing the clock.

Each worksheet comes with a page of solutions - but you don't have to worry that kids will come to this page and get the solutions, each worksheet is generated instantly on the fly and is unique to you. No two worksheets will be the same.

Well, I guess some will be - there's only 720 possible times of day if you don't count the seconds - with 12 clocks per worksheet, that means there's only 19 decillion possible worksheets. Eventually they'll run out, but not for a while!

To generate a time worksheet, fill out the form below. If all the options are a bit bewildering,

  • "Give hints in analog time descriptions" means that the blank space for writing the analog time will say, for example, "_______ past _______" instead of just "______________".
  • "Use words in analog time descriptions" means that the quarter and half hours will be written as "quarter past", "half past" and "quarter to", rather than "15 past", "30 past" and "15 to".
  • Still not sure? Just click 'Go!' and see if you like what you get!
  • You can also download a page of blank clock faces if you like!

    Telling the Time Worksheet (Clock Reading Worksheet) Generator
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    Give hints in analog time descriptions
    Use words in analog time descriptions
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