Space Birthday

Do you know how many Mars years old you are?


If you were born on Mars, how old would you be today? Or how many times has Jupiter gone around the sun since you were born? What's your age in Venusian years? This page can tell you! Enter your and your friends' birthdays using the form below. The information will only be stored on this computer, not on the server, so don't worry! (PS - I also have some printable space birthday worksheets you can download if you want to do these calculations yourself.)

  • Your/your friend's name:
  • Your/your friend's birthday:
You need to enter the year correctly - your Jupiter birthday doesn't fall on the same day each year, in fact most years you don't even have one!

Marie Curie's Birthdays

Marie Curie was a scientist who studied radioactivity. She was the first person to win two Nobel prizes, and is still the only person ever to win two in two different disciplines. Links: Amazon, Wikipedia, Other Celebrity Space Birthdays

 Marie Curie turns 638 Mercury years old on the 6th July, 2021.
 Marie Curie turns 250 Venus years old on the 26th August, 2021.
 Marie Curie turns 154 Earth years old on the 7th November, 2021.
 Marie Curie turns 13 Jupiter years old on the 8th January, 2022.
 Marie Curie turns 82 Mars years old on the 30th January, 2022.
 Marie Curie turns 1 Neptune year old on the 23rd August, 2032.
 Marie Curie turns 2 Uranus years old on the 1st July, 2036.
 Marie Curie turns 6 Saturn years old on the 5th August, 2044.

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