Easter Date Tables

The date of easter in the years 2101 to 2200


This page shows the date of easter in the years 2101 to 2200. You can also get the dates for the previous 100 years and the next 100 years.You can also get a printable easter date worksheet for kids to work out the date of easter in any year at all.

Dates of Easter Sunday, By Year

April 17th, 2101April 9th, 2102March 25th, 2103April 13th, 2104April 5th, 2105
April 18th, 2106April 10th, 2107April 1st, 2108April 21st, 2109April 6th, 2110
March 29th, 2111April 17th, 2112April 2nd, 2113April 22nd, 2114April 14th, 2115
March 29th, 2116April 18th, 2117April 10th, 2118March 26th, 2119April 14th, 2120
April 6th, 2121March 29th, 2122April 11th, 2123April 2nd, 2124April 22nd, 2125
April 14th, 2126March 30th, 2127April 18th, 2128April 10th, 2129March 26th, 2130
April 15th, 2131April 6th, 2132April 19th, 2133April 11th, 2134April 3rd, 2135
April 22nd, 2136April 7th, 2137March 30th, 2138April 19th, 2139April 3rd, 2140
March 26th, 2141April 15th, 2142March 31st, 2143April 19th, 2144April 11th, 2145
April 3rd, 2146April 16th, 2147April 7th, 2148March 30th, 2149April 12th, 2150
April 4th, 2151April 23rd, 2152April 15th, 2153March 31st, 2154April 20th, 2155
April 11th, 2156March 27th, 2157April 16th, 2158April 8th, 2159March 23rd, 2160
April 12th, 2161April 4th, 2162April 24th, 2163April 8th, 2164March 31st, 2165
April 20th, 2166April 5th, 2167March 27th, 2168April 16th, 2169April 1st, 2170
April 21st, 2171April 12th, 2172April 4th, 2173April 17th, 2174April 9th, 2175
March 31st, 2176April 20th, 2177April 5th, 2178March 28th, 2179April 16th, 2180
April 1st, 2181April 21st, 2182April 13th, 2183March 28th, 2184April 17th, 2185
April 9th, 2186March 25th, 2187April 13th, 2188April 5th, 2189April 25th, 2190
April 10th, 2191April 1st, 2192April 21st, 2193April 6th, 2194March 29th, 2195
April 17th, 2196April 9th, 2197March 25th, 2198April 14th, 2199April 6th, 2200

Years, By Easter Sunday's Date

March 22nd
March 23rd2160
March 24th
March 25th2103, 2187, 2198
March 26th2119, 2130, 2141
March 27th2157, 2168
March 28th2179, 2184
March 29th2111, 2116, 2122, 2195
March 30th2127, 2138, 2149
March 31st2143, 2154, 2165, 2176
April 1st2108, 2170, 2181, 2192
April 2nd2113, 2124
April 3rd2135, 2140, 2146
April 4th2151, 2162, 2173
April 5th2105, 2167, 2178, 2189
April 6th2110, 2121, 2132, 2194, 2200
April 7th2137, 2148
April 8th2159, 2164
April 9th2102, 2175, 2186, 2197
April 10th2107, 2118, 2129, 2191
April 11th2123, 2134, 2145, 2156
April 12th2150, 2161, 2172
April 13th2104, 2183, 2188
April 14th2115, 2120, 2126, 2199
April 15th2131, 2142, 2153
April 16th2147, 2158, 2169, 2180
April 17th2101, 2112, 2174, 2185, 2196
April 18th2106, 2117, 2128
April 19th2133, 2139, 2144
April 20th2155, 2166, 2177
April 21st2109, 2171, 2182, 2193
April 22nd2114, 2125, 2136
April 23rd2152
April 24th2163
April 25th2190

Would you like to see the dates of easter for the previous 100 years or the next 100 years?

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