Arith Attack!

Solve the invading arithmetic problems before they reach the bottom of the screen!


In this online game, the planet is being invaded by arithmetic problems! Your job is to solve each one before it reaches the bottom of the screen. The longer you go, the tougher the problems get, and the more points each problem is worth!

What's the most points you can get?

When you're ready to play, click the image below:

arithmetic attack!

If several people share your computer, you can enter your name before you play, and each person's own high scores will be recorded.

This game won't work on a mobile device - you need a keyboard to type the answers! I plan to make a mobil version of this game at some point in the future. If you'd like to get an email when the mobile versions are ready, sign up for my newsletter!

I also have a game like this one for Roman numerals


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