About Dr Mike's Math Games for Kids

Wondering what this site is all about?


This is a site of math games for kids. I have built the site with, mainly, teachers and parents in mind - teachers and parent of kids in elementary school or kindergarten. When designing each game, my goal is to create a game that will

  • Keep the kids' interest
  • Build in them some mathematical concept
  • Are easy to make and use

It is my deep and sincere hope that as kids play these games, they will be learning math without even realising it.

Some games expose children to mathematical facts in a fun way, providing rote learning without the boredom. Others immerse the child in a mathematical concept, for example shape, color, subtraction, providing a foundation on which math facts and techniques can be built later.

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  • Cool Math Games shows the games people rated the most highly out of all the games on the site. Popular Math Games shows which games get the most visitors.
  • The Copyright page tells you what you are, and are not, allowed to do with these games. I'm hoping this means anything you want. If in doubt,please have a look.
  • This site has a Privay Policy. Your personal information is safe.
  • About Dr Mike tells you a little about me, the author of this site and the games it contains.
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I hope you find what you need to help the kids you love!

Yours, Dr Mike.

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