Mathematically Constructed Music

In another post, I explain a way to use a code to make an infinitely long string of symbols that never repeats. I decided to use this method to make some music. In this post, I explain how you can do the same thing.
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Your Infinite Japanese Name

I saw on Facebook this code for converting your name into Japanese :

Your Name In Japanese
Replace each letter of your name using the code above

So, for example, Mike becomes Rin-Ki-Me-Ku.

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Science Education And Political Choices

At lunch the other day, there were some magazines on the table. I picked one up, turned to a random page, and a particular phrase caught my eye – in essence, the writer was saying that they don’t believe we should give scientists a blank check, and a carte blanche to do whatever research takes their fancy. He seemed to imply that some scientists say that we should. I don’t know if any scientists actually do say that, however, it raises an important question. Who, ideally, should decide what scientists should work on, and how much money they should get?
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Teaching Autistic Children

I occasionally get emails from people asking “do you have any tips on how to teach math to my autistic son/daughter?” These queries leave me torn – I can’t help but want to help, but I have no experience with autism.

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