A Simpler Solution

[This is a back-issue of one of this site’s newsletters]

Last week, I emailed you a way to solve a simple math puzzle – how do you find a rectangle whose area equals its perimeter?

I took the puzzle, mixed in a little bit of algebra, and voila! A puzzle solution factory popped out, letting you generate rectangles from pythagorean triplets.

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Rectangles and Right Triangles

Can you find a rectangle whose perimeter equals its area?

I’ll explain one way to solve this puzzle below.

Allergy warning: this product contains algebra. May contain traces of number theory.

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Creative Math Teaching

I just saw this excellent online presentation about creative ways to teach math – it explains (briefly) what’s wrong with the current “linear” method of teaching math, and gives some tips on how to improve matters – even within the current system.

Check it out below :

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