Newsletter #48 : Easter Date Worksheet Example

[This is a back-issue of this site’s newsletter]


Just a quick note….

I got an email from a teacher this week, frustrated with the easter date worksheets that I have on Dr Mike’s Math Games for Kids. They couldn’t get the worksheet to work! And they’d already presented it to the kids in their class!

You can imagine how frustrated they were! And there was no worked example on the website!

Anyway, I quickly downloaded the worksheet, worked through it to get Easter Sunday for 2011 (24th April), then scanned iin my completed worksheet and emailed it off to the frustrated teacher.

I guessed maybe some others are in the same boat, so I’ve uploaded the scanned worksheet to the site.

I plan to make a video also, showing in detail how the worksheet works. That won’t be until after Easter, unfortunately. Any suggestions what year I should use for the example in the video?

Thanks to G for expressing your frustration in an email to me, and I hope it’s all sorted out now!