Find your name in pi!

How soon does your name appear in pi?


This web page has 31,415,929 base 27 digits of pi for you to search. Normally, we write numbers in base 10, using ten different digits. Computers use base 2, with just the two digits 0 and 1. The ancient Babylonians used sixty different digits - they counted in base 60.

I wanted to let people find their names in pi, but the alphabet has 26 letters. What's more, I wanted A to be 1, B to be 2, and so forth, so I needed an extra digit 0, making 27 digits in all. So I converted the decimal digits of pi to base 27, stored them on my webserver, and made this page so people could search for their name! You can read more about how your name can be in pi, or start searching for your name now. Psst - teachers, check out the teacher's notes.

So, when you're ready to find your name in pi.....

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