Times Tables Books

Here's some highly-praised books about the times tables


If you're looking for something more than the free times tables resources this site provides - if you want something from a professional publisher, you may want to consider some of the titles below. Each one receives very high praise from the people who have used it.

  • Times Tables the Fun Way helps kids memorize their times tables by associating with each math fact some cute, silly or funny picture. It could help your kid learn their times tables in half the time, and with twice as much fun, as drills and flashcards alone!
  • Making Multiplication Easy, for grades 2 to 4, uses stories, real-life examples, and reproducible teaching aids - and even quotes from Shakespeare! - to help you help your kid.
  • Kids like music? Multiplication Unplugged puts the times tables to song. Many parents have found it very helpful for their kids.

Here they are again. Be sure to read the customer reviews at amazon.com :

I hope they help you and the kids in your care!

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