OgleBoro City

A Pair Of Mazes - With a Twist!


OgloBoro and OgleBoro City are pair of maze puzzles invented by a retired teacher, Mac Oglesby. He's kindly given me permission to share them with you!

Normally, with a maze, you try to make your way from one end of the maze to the other. In OgleBoro and OgleBoro City, it's not so simple. There are traffic rules to obey!

For example, if part of the maze has an arrow, like this one:

then it indicates a one-way piece of road. You can't go past the arrow the wrong way!

Or, if a corner has a dot, like so:

it means you can't turn just any way you like. If you were approaching this corner from the west, the dot would mean you could not turn right and exit towards the south. You could go straight or north with no trouble, but not south.

If you approached from some other direction, you'd be fine to turn any way you liked, though. The dot shown in the picture only affects people approaching from the west.

Mac Oglesby sent me two OgleBoro mazes. Download them here!

  • OgleBoro is a small maze. The goal is to get from home to school and back again. No U-turns except at home and school!
  • Once you've warmed up with OgleBoro, you'll be ready for OgleBoro City! Again, try to get from home to school and back, following all the traffic rules, and no U-turns. I could get from home to school easily enough (maybe I was just lucky?) but school to home was quite a challenge!

Have fun!

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