Nine Tile Puzzle

Arrange The Tiles - Match The Symbols!


This puzzle is a simple one to understand - but a doozy to solve!

First, download the printable puzzle tiles, print them, and cut them out. If you'll be using the tiles a lot, it's worth printing them on card or laminating them first.

The tiles look like this:

a tile for the nine tile puzzle

There are nine tiles, so they can be arranged in a 3x3 square. The challenge is to make sure the symbols on the tiles line up with their neighbours!

In the image below, I've tried to arrange four tiles, but I didn't get it right:

a failed attempt to solve the nine tile puzzle

The tiles at the right are okay - their yellow half-hexagons match! Also, I've matched the purple half-squares at the top, and there's a nice green circle between the bottom two tiles.

Alas, the left hand tiles don't have matching symbols! I'm not allowed to put a purple half-square next to a green semicircle. I'll have to try again!

Can you do better? Can you arrange all nine tiles nicely? Try now!

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