Draw Three Apples, Melvin!

Another counting worksheet for kindy kids


Here's another math worksheet to help kindergarten kids get some practice with numbers. These math worksheets show a whole bunch of empty boxes, each with a number underneath. You can give the math worksheet to your kindergarten kid and ask him or her to draw the right number of stars, or people, or cats, or any object at all (that your kid knows how to draw, of course). Except for the first few times, don't tell your child the correct number! Let him or her read it from the page, then draw.

How my son might use these math worksheets

The picture here shows what my son might draw if asked to draw the right number of apples. 

You will probably need to explain to the child what to do. You should also watch while the kid draws, to give encouragement, support and any needed correction. If my son draws the wrong number, I'll ask him "what number is this? How many apples did you draw?" then ask him to draw the extra apples he needs, or erase some for him. 

The important thing is that by asking him questions, he sees his own mistake. This is much better than me just telling him! He not only learns counting, but learns methods for checking his own work - an incredibly valuable skill!

Ok, here are the worksheets. You can download here a worksheet for numbers up to 3, a worksheet for numbers up to 6, and a worksheet for numbers up to 10.

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