Math Pathways

Find your way across the grid!


Math pathways is like a math maze where you can't see the walls. Instead, you are faced with a grid of numbered ping-pong balls. Your goal is to navigate from one corner to the other. Your only guide is a sequence of arithmetic operations to apply one after another, over and over again. For example, if you were faced with the operations "+3, -5", and the marble at the start was 12, you could move from 12 to 15 (12+3), then from 15 to 10 (15-5), then from 10 to 13 (10+3), then to 8 (13-5) and so on.

In the beginner level, the sequence of operations is only two long, like the example in the paragraph above. In the intermediate level, it is three long.

In the toughest level of all, the sequence is two long - but you are not told what it is! Not only do you have to navigate the maze, but you have to make your own compass!

Ready? Then scroll down and play!

Have fun!