Math lines

Blast away the marbles before they escape!


Math lines is a fun math game. A snake of marbles slowly creeps around the screen, trying to reach your 'home'. You take aim, and fire another marble into the stream, hoping some will explode and disappear. The trick - neighboring marbles will only disappear if they add to ten!

If you've played 'Zuma' before - Math Lines is 'Zuma' with a math twist. The sharper your mental math skills, the better you'll be at Math Lines - and the longer you play Math Lines, the sharper your mental math becomes!

Kids - want to play a fun game without pressure? Show mom and dad how this game works - and that playing it is just like studying (except it's fun)!

Mom and Dad - want your kid to learn in a fun way? Show them Math Lines, andlet them play all they want...

Ready? Then scroll down and play!

Have fun!

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